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THEY ONLY ASKED FOR LOVE  words by Jeff Wasserman

Our Father's heart is shining
The stars, the moon & Sun
Our Mother's heart is shining
With gifts for everyone

But …
I hear our Mamma crying
for everything we've done
I hear our Father crying
on all the bad we done
We're blind, deaf & dumb
Was it so hard?
They only asked for love

They see our children walkin
Down a hungry road
See our children trudgin'
Down a barren road

Hear our children cryin'
Running from the flood
I hear our children cryin'
from a time that's soon to come,
Too soon, Kingdom come
Was it so hard ?
They only asked for love

It's time to be a-marchin / time we were a-marching
for this paradise on earth
Time we were a-marching
for our children, bees and birds
The time has come
Is that so hard?
They only asked for love