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Sweet Showers of Rain - 2001

Knut's latest. Once again, his record company gave him carte blanche - and once again Knut comes through with yet another epic. More aggressive musically and lyrically than earlier albums - Reiersrud is found playing on various guitars, sitar, piano, blues harp, bass alongside longtime friends Iver Kleive and Christian Wallumrød (keyboards), Paolo Vinaccia and Anders Engen (drums and percussion) and Auden Erlien (bass). Once again he and Reidar Skår romp in the playground of sampling and loops. The result is perhaps the strongest musical signature Reiersud has signed to date!

Track List
Blues Power (K. Reiersrud)    
Sweet Showers of Rain (K. Reiersrud / J. Wasserman)


A Lovely Disaster (K. Reiersrud / J. Wasserman)    
Giving Up    
Jumpin Judy (K. Reiersrud / J. Wasserman)


Down on Me (K. Reiersrud)


Motherless Children    
Reap What You Sow    
Epitaph (K. Reiersrud / J. Wasserman)    
The Old Man Still Sings (K. Reiersrud)