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Pretty Ugly - '04 (Kirkelig Kulturverstedet FXCD 281)

Clone on his Own
In 1974, Tandberg developed a recording technology that made 2 track sound-on-sound recording possible, by "ping ponging" back and forth between left and right channels it was possible (in theory) to lay down an unlimited number of tracks on top of each other. Young Reiersrud managed to aquire the tape recorder by taking every odd job available - from paperboy to selling hotdogs at the local race track. Knut grew up in a family that spent 3 years in Cuba. His father,who had aspirations a classical pianist, filled their home with a collection of all sorts of exotic instruments which of course Knut couldn't keep his hands off. It was then that Knut developed a concept to make his own band (consisting of just him) and record it all on the new Tandberg reel to reel tape recorder.

His new record, "Pretty Ugly", is built on the same concept. Knut's good friend and colleague over many years, H.P. Gundersen, persuaded him to find a musical expression focusing exclusively on his own musical ideas. Reiersrud's roots has always been the blues, and on this record you will find his interpretations of some of the Blues tunes he grew up with and new original material written by himself and together with Jeff Wasserman.

Track List
Is My Living in Vain (Knut Reiersrud / Jeff Wasserman) mp3 Lyric / Video
That's Alright (Jimmy Rogers) mp3  
Too Many Cooks (Willie Dixon) mp3  
Rubber & Glue (Knut Reiersrud / Jeff Wasserman) mp3 Lyric
Tiramgoor (Knut Reiersrud) mp3  
Strawberry Letter 23 (Shuggie Otis) mp3  
Worried Life Blues (Maceo Merriweather) mp3  
Don't Start Me Talking (Sonny Boy Williamson) mp3  
You Give Me the Blues (Otis Hicks/West - Trad.) mp3  
You Can't Judge a Book By the Cover (Willie Dixon) mp3  
Sailing for the Moon (Knut Reiersrud / Jeff Wasserman) mp3 Lyric
Holy Joe (Knut Reiersrud / Jeff Wasserman) mp3 Lyric