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Nåde over nåde (Mercy of All Mercies) - '06
(Kirkelig Kulturverstedet FXCD 313)

Knut Reiersrud and Iver Kleive have taken their musical expedition back to Odense Cathedral, St. Knud for the third time to record a visionary and heaven defying album. This, the 3rd album of a trilogy (thus far) that began in 1991 with “Blå Koral” (Blue Choral), followed up by “Himmelskip” (Heaven Ship) and now with “Nåde over nåde” (The Mercy of All Mercies).

When “Blå koral” was released many experienced it as an aural revelation. What was totally new and surprising back in ’91, was that the combination of church organ and blues guitar could actually work unheard wonders in many variations and colors; at the same time demonstrating the acoustic powers of the cathedral’s inner space.

As with their earlier albums, old psalms and folk tunes stand solidly in the foundation of the CD. But this time Reiersrud and Kleive have maximized the aural landscape’s dynamics and 3 dimensional qualities. Contrasts have been magnified and the mighty acoustics of the Odense Cathedral were fully taken advantage of under the able ears and hands of recording engineer Alf Christian Hvidsteen.

Reiersrud used 8 different guitars on the recording and Kleive made the absolute most of the Marcussen organ’s kingdom of sound. The album contains 12 awe inspiring cuts (listed below) and can be downloaded here after November 6th. Come and get … “Nåde over nåde” - The Mercy of All Mercies” … at least the CD!

Track List
Da høsten kom (Knut Reiersrud) mp3    
Nåde over nåde (melody - Sigurd Lunde)      
Sorgen og gleden de vandrer til hope
(music by- L.M. Lindeman)
What a Wonderful World
(music by - George Douglas)
Når mitt øye trett av møye
(Folk melody from Heddal, Norway - from the playing of Inger Laurine Flood)
Folk tune from the playing of Sjugurd Garmo, Gubrandsdalen, Norway)
For Guds folk er hvilen tilbake/Grandma’s Hands (folk tune from Setesdal, Norway/Bill Withers)      
Den store, hvite flokk å se (Folk tune from Heddal, Norway)      
Jesus din søte forening å smake (Folk tune from Ryfylke and Gudbrandsdalen, Norway)      
Lamslåtten (Knut Reiersrud)      
Så ta da mine hender (music by Friedrich Silcher)      
Jeg vet meg en søvn i Jesu navn (Folk tune from Selje, Norway)