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SOM DEN GYLDNE SOL (As the Golden Sun) - '13 (KKV FXCD 396)


Povl Dissing: Vocals – Iver Kleive: Organ – Knut Reiersrud: Guitars

Cascading sounds of the organ resounding from the whitewashed walls of the cathedral, a groovy blues guitar amplified so it fills the expansive church, and a voice at times legato and at times intermittent, as if reflecting the Danish tongue, powerfully and gracefully presenting old hymn lyrics, these are the ingredients mixed and served on the new album "Som den Gyldne Sol" [As the golden sun].

After "Blå koral" [Blue Choral] in 1991, Iver Kleive and Knut Reiersrud have used the great cathedral – St. Knuds Kirke – in Odense, Denmark, as their recording studio for a number of CD productions. The overpowering acoustics and the fantastic Marcussen organ are the two most important reasons for this. Several of the recordings have also featured Povl Dissing.

Norwegian hymn traditions are insolubly linked to four famous Danish hymn writers: Kingo (1634-1703), Brorson (1694-1764), Grundtvig (1783-1872) and Ingemann (1789-1862). On the occasion of the publication of a new Norwegian book of hymns on Advent Sunday in 2013, KKV and Cantando Musikkforlag are releasing this album with Kleive, Dissing and Reiersrud's new interpretations of three original hymns by each of the four writers.

The earliest of them, Thomas Kingo, was the archbishop in this same Odense Cathedral, from 1677 to 1703, when he wrote many of his most important hymns. His red chasuble continues to be used by the clergy in this church. With Kingo's chasuble as the motif on the cover, this project is also visually connected to the hymn writer who created an important foundation for the three others represented on this release.

The entire repertoire belongs in the hit parade from the Norwegian hymnbook. Of Kingo's hymns, we hear "Sorrig og glæde de vandre til hobe" (Sorrow and Joy They Wander Together), "Far verden, farvel" (Fare, World, Farewell) and the title track "Som den gyldne sol frembryder" (As the Golden Sun Breaks Through). Brorson is represented by "Den store hvide flok at se" (The great white flock we see), "Jeg ser dig søde lam at staae" (I see thee standing) and "Mit hjerte altid vanker" (My Heart Will Always Wander). The Grundtvig hymns on the CD are "Krist stod op af døde" (Christ Resurrected), "Hil dig frelser og forsoner" (Hail the Saviour and Redeemer) and "Kærlighed er lysets kilde" (Love is Light), while Ingeman's contribution is the well-known Christmas hymns "Glade jul" (Silent Night), "Deilig er jorden" (Beautiful Saviour) and "I østen stiger solen op" (The Sun is Rising in the East).

Sound recording: Martin Abrahamsen. Production: Erik Hillestad.
The album is also released on vinyl.